Prof. Omar Mohamed Fathy Ibrahim

Professor of General Surgery, Mansoura University, Egypt

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Personal Data



Omar Mohamed Fathy Ibrahim

Marital Status


Date of Birth

18th November, 1948

Office Address

Gastroenterology center, Dept. of Surgery, Faculty of medicine, Mansoura University, Egypt.


+20 (50) 251900


+20 (50) 243220




  • M.B.B.Ch : (Very good) Mansoura University (1968).
  • MS : In general Surgery
  • DSS : Abdominal Surgery (1980)
  • Follow in specialized surgery (abdominal Surgery), University of Vienna (1980)
  • MD in general surgery 1984


  1. Surgical registrar in Mansoura University Hospital for one year "1974-75).
  2. One year Military services, as a specialist in General Surgery in Military Hospital "1978-79".
  3. Scholarship (American Medical Society) University of Vienna "1979-80).
  4. Lecturer of General Surgery in Gastroenterology Unit , Mansoura Hospital.
  5. Assistant Professor of General Surgery in Mansoura University hospital, Gastroenterology Unit, since "1990"
  6. Professor of General Surgery in Mansoura University hospital, Gastroenterology center, since "1995-till now"
Scientific Publications:


  1. Liver function after Meso-Caval Shunt M.S. thesis Mansoura University (1975).
  2. Endoscopic polypectomy for Schistosoma polyps, Benha Med. J 03.1.1986.
  3. Ulcerative colitis in Egypt, study of 38 cases accepted in Mansoura med J. 14.21.1987.
  4. 9-year experience with highly selective vagotomy, Mansoura Med J. 6:411-419, 1987.
  5. Meso-caval shunt "10 years follow-up" accepted in Mansoura Med J. 15, 10, 1986.
  6. Randomized trial between central and distal leino renal shunt for treatment of bleeding esophageal varices M.D. thesis, Mansoura University, (1983).
  7. Value of arterial portogrpaphy in management of portal hypertension. Egyptian Journal of Radiology & Nuclear Medicine 17, 19-25, 1985.
  8. Evaluation of stapler esophageal resection in treatment of bleeding esophageal varices benha med. J. 3, 01.89, 1986.
  9. Non-shunt surgery "10-years experience with Hassab's operation" accepted in Mansoura Med J. 14, 2, 1987.
  10. Distal spleno-renal shunt for management of variceal bleeding in patients with schistosomal hepatic fibrosis. Annals of Surgery Vol. 204, No. 5, 566-573, 1989.
  11. Ten years of experience with patients with chronic active liver disease variceal bleeding: Ablative versus selective decompressive therapy. Surgery, 1993; 114:868-871.
  12. Management of bleeding gastric varices, presentation of 4th World Congress, International Gastro-Surgical Club. 516-519, 1993.
  13. Distal spleno-renal shunt for management of bleeding esophagogastric varices: 17-years experience with 500 patients. 6th Annual Surgical conferences-1995 (U.A.E.).
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  15. Could the colon replace the esophagus? Functional study, 4th annual meeting of the Egyptian society of surgery, 1996.
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  17. Is surgery rejected for management of bleeding varices in age over 60? International Journal of Surgery Science; 1996; 2: 107-110.
  18. Post-Gastrojejunostomy Entero-Gastric reflux: is it always symptomatic? Abu Zeid M.; Gad El-Hak N.; El-Ebaidy G.; Abu-Eleinien A.; Fathy O.; Abd El-Wahab M.; Sultan A.; El-Ghawalby N.; Ezzat F. benha Medical Journal Sep. 1997; 14(3):143-164.
  19. Long term results after colonic exclusion for severe porta systemic encephalopathy. Abu Elenien A.; Abu Zied M.; Gad El-Hak .; El-Ebidy G.; Abd-Elwahab M.; Fathy M.; El-Ghawalby N.; Sultan A. 8th World Congress of the International Gastro-Surgical Club April 1998; 453-456.
  20. Lymphangiomatus cysts of the spleen; Reports of 3 cases and review of literature. Abdel-Wahab M.; Gad El-Hak N.; Fathy O.; El-Ebeidy G. & Ezzat F. Hepatogastroenterology; 1998.
  21. Abdel-Wahab M, El-shennawy F, Agha S, Ragab E, Fathi O, Sultan A, Elghawalby , Ezzat F. Evaluation of cell mediated immunity in advanced pancreatic carcinoma before and after treatment with interleukin-2 (IL-2). Hepatogastroenterology. 1999 May; 46 Supp1:1293-6.
  22. Distal spleno renal shunt in management of bleeding esophagogastric varices. 20 Year experience 600 patients. Fathy, O.; Gad El-Hak N.; El-Ebidy, G. & Abo Zid, M. European surgical research; 1999; 31:99.
  23. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy: Experience with 1500 cases. Fathy, O.; Abdel-Wahab M.; El-Hak, N. & El-Ebiedy, G. European surgical research' 1999 Apr.; 31:151.
  24. Abdel Wahab M. Abu El-Enain A., M., Abu Zaid. T abd allah M. Fawzy A Foad, A. Sultan, O. Fathy G. El-Ebaidy., N el- El-Ghawalby, F. Ezzat. Hepatocellular carcinoma in Mansoura Egypt. (experience of 385 patients at a single center). Hepatogastroenterology. (2000) May-Jun; 47 (33):663-8.
  25. M. Abdel Wahab, A. Abu El-Enein, O Fathy, N Gad El-Hak, MF El-Shal, A Yaseen A sultan, N El-Ghawalby, F. Ezzat. Does cholecystectomy affect antral mucosal? Endoscopic, histopathologic and DNA flo cytometric study. Hepaogastroenterology. 2000 May-june; 47(33):621-5.
  26. Abel Wahab M. Sultan A. El-ghawalby NA, Fathy O , Abu Zaid M Abu el-Elain A. Abdullah T, Foad A. El-Fiky A. Ezzat F. Is resection for large hepatocellular carcinoma in cirrhotic patients beneficial ? study of 38 cases hepatogastroenterology, (2001).
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  31. Management of periampulary tumor The Hepato gastro-entrology Journal (under press).
  32. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy experience in 2000 cases The Hepato gastro-entrology Journal vol 52.
  33. Short gastric vessels division in Laparoscopic fundoplication The Hepato gastro-entrology Journal vol 66.
  34. Partial posterior wrap (toupet) in patients with defective body motility, Saudi Journal of Gastroentrology May Vol 11.
Contribution in Scientific Congresses:



International Congresses:

  • 5th international gastro surgical club meeting of surgeons an gastroenterologists. Munich, April 1994. Lecture: Transjejunal endoscopic cholangiography.
  • The 1st congress of Arab society of Gastroenterology. The 3rd conference of Jordanian society of gastroenterology. Amman, Jordan, Aug. 1995.
  • The 6th Emirates Annual surgical conference (1995 Abu Dhabi): paper:- distal splenorenal shunt in management of bleeding esophageal varices: 17 years experience with 500 patients.
  • 7th world congress of international gastro surgical club. Joint meeting of surgeons and gastroenterologists. Budapest, June 1996. Lecture: could the colon replace the esophagus. Functional study.
  • International organization for statistical studies on diseases of the esophagus O.E.S.O. Paris, Sep. 1996.
  • 5th United European gastroenterology week (5th UEGW). Nov. 1996.
  • 12th congress of the Syrian Scoiety of Gastroenterology & Endoscopy. 2nd congress of the Pan Arab Society of Gastroenterology. 4th congress of the Arab African Society of Gastroenterology. Syria Damascus, April 1997. Paper: Laparoscopic cholecystectomy experience with 2000 cases.
  • 10th World congress Gastroenterolyg. 9th World congress of Digestive Endoscopy. 6th World Congress of colo-proctology. Vienna, May 1998.
  • The European Congress of the international Hepato-Pancreato Biliary Association. Budapest- Hungary, May 1999. Lecture: Whipple's procedure " pancreaticoduodenenctomy" Mansoura Experience.
  • XXXIV ESSR. Congress (European society for surgical research Bern - 1999. Abstract paper: Laparoscopioc cholecystectomy experience with 2500 cases. Lecture: comparative study pancreatico gastrostomy versus pancreaticojejunostomy of after Whipple's operation.
  • American College of surgeons 85th annual clinical congress October 1999 - San Francisco, California.
  • European Association for endoscopic surgery 8th internation congress June 2000, Nice France.
  • The 16th Annual congress of Syrian - Jordanian - Lebanese congress. Aleppo Mars 2001.society. Lecture: Resection or no resection in Cancer Pancreas. Experience with 550 cases.
  • International surgical week, Brussels, Belgirum. August 26-30, 2001.
  • American college of surgeons 87th annual congress, October 7-12, 2001, New Orleans, L.A.
  • American college of surgeons 87th annual congress, October 19-23, 2003 Chicago, IL.
  • Emirotes PAN-ARAB Gastro-enterology week. Junuary 13-17, 2004. Shorjah.
  • The 4th IRAQ, Jordanian, Lebanese, Syrian, Gastroenterology congress of the 18th Syrian cancer of gastroenterology. Lattakia April 21-23, 2004.
  • The Syrian society of gastroenterology 19th Syrian congress of gastroentrology & the associated 19th endoscopic workshop. 27 -29 April, 2005 (Management of Periampullary Tumors: Experience With 945 Cases)
  • 3rd International Laparoscopic Surgery Symposium Saudi German Hospital Group - Jeddah, K.S.A. October 1 - 3, 2005 (Post Cholecystectomy bile duct injuries)
  • 15th pan arab surgeons association conference & 1st Bahrain surgeons association conference 18-20 December, 2005 ( Acute pancreatities )
  • 5th international congress of the African-Middel East Association of gastroentrology in collaboration with sharjah medical district 24 -26 Feb., 2006 ( Post Cholecystectomy Bile Duct Injuries ) (Periampullary Tumors: Experience With 945 Cases ).

National Congresses:

  • The Egyptian Group for the Study of Gastrointestinal Motility. Disorders Update. GEC-Mansoura, May 1995.
  • 14th Annual meeting of the Egyptian Society of Surgeons. Cairo, March 1996. Lecture: iatrogenic bniliary fistula, Endoscopic treatment.
  • 1st Annual Conference of Surgery Department. Mansoura Faculty of medicine, May 1996.
  • First Assuit Conference of Gastro Intestinal Surgery. Assuit, Feb. 1997. Lecture:- Endoscopic therpy of CBD stones.
  • The Egyptian Society of Gastro Intestinal Endoscopy, 3rd International Annual congress. Cairo, March 1997. Lecture: Endoscopic therapy CBD stones.
  • Third Annual International congress of the Egyptian Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy. Cairo, March 1997.
  • Second International Conference of Surgery in Coloration with the Egyptian Society of Surgeons and Egyptian Society of Oncology. Mansorua, Mansorua Faculty of medicine, April 1997. Lecture: could colon replace the Esophagus. A functional study.
  • 11th Annual Summer meeting of the Egyptian society of Hepatology. Alexandria, Oct. 1997.
  • 3rd Annual meeting of El-Menya University in Collaboration with the Egyptian Society of Surgeons. Cairo, Dec. 1997. Round table discussion on update management of gall stones.
  • 16th Annual meeting of the Egyptian society of surgeons. Cairo, Feb. 1998. Lecture: Distal splenorenal shunt in management of bleeding esophagogastric varices ; 10 years experience with 540 patients.
  • Second Annual conference of Gastrointestinal surgery and hepatology and fourth Assuit meeting of the Egyptian society of surgeons. Assuit, March, 1998.
  • Third African internation congress of the African Association of study of Liver Diseases (AF ASLD). Cairo, march 1998.
  • 3rd International congress of gastrointestinal surgery and Hepatology 1st congress of the hepato-pancreatic Biliary Club In collaboration with the Egyptian Society of Surgeons.
  • The firs conference of gastroenterology and hepatology Unit. Faculty of Medicine, Suez Canal university, Ismailia, Aprial 1998. Lecture: Approach to a patient with jaundice.
  • The second annual internation congress of the Egyptian Society of gastrointestinal Endoscopy. Cairo, April 1998. Lecture: Endoscopic management of biliary fistula and benign biliary strictures.
  • 5th Annual congress of the Egyptian Society of tropical medicine, infections and parasitic diseases. Alex. June 1998.
  • 5th international annual congress of the Egyptian society of tropical medicine, infections and parasitic diseases. Alex. June 1998.
  • 1st international meeting of Pan Arab society of gastrointestinal motility. Cairo, Sept. 1998.
  • International Biemnial meeting of the Egyptian group for the study of gastrointestinal motility. Cairo, Sept. 1998.
  • Third Egyptian internationa, first Arab international congresses of endoscopic surgery and second international conference of Mediterranean club of endoscopic surgery. Cairo, 1998.
  • The pan Arab association of Gastroenterology 3rd international conference. Cairo, Sept. 1999. Lecture : laparascopic evaluation of liver tumors and cysts.
  • 6th international Annual congress Egyptian society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Cairo-Egypt. January 2000. Chair person in symposium: the pancreas: the Hidden organ.
  • 4th international congress of gastrointestinal surgery & hepatology. 2nd congress of hepatopanreatobiliay club. 1st Egyptian association for digestive disease. Aswan, 2001. Egypt. Lecture: pancreatico gastrostomy versus pancreatico jejenostomy in.
  • 3rd Annual conference of the Egyptian group of colon and rectal surgeons. April 2001. Sharm El-Sheikh. Egypt.
  • The Egyptian Society of surgeons: Whipple operation pancreatic cancer. Sept. 2001. Alexandria, Egypt.
  • 7th Annual Conference of the Egyptian Group of Colon & Rectal surgeons 1-4 June, 2005 Sharm El-Sheikh (Epidemiology of colorectal cancer)
  • 3rd congress of the Egyptian society of lap. Surgery 27 -30 January, 2006 (Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy. How To Avoid Complications)
Thesis Supervision:


  1. Functional evaluation of distal esophagus and lower esophageal sphincter following esophageal transection in patients with varices: Niazy Mahmoud Selim. Mansoura University 1991.
  2. Evaluation of esophageal function after heller's myotomy for achalasia. Amgad Ahmed Foad Hasan. Mansoura University 1992.
  3. Factors influencing survival in cancer head of pancreas and periampullary cancer after pancreatico duodenectomy: Waleed Adel Mohamed Askar. Mansoura University 1992.
  4. A prospective randomized comparative study between endoscoopic variceal ligation and endoscopy variceal sclerotheapy in treatment of bleeding esophageal varices: Ahmed Abel-Raouf El-Sharkawy. Mansoura University 1996.
  5. Manometric evaluation of the sphincter of oddi dysfunction and the effect of endoscopic sphincterotomy: Tarek Salah El-Husseini. Mansoura University 1997.
  6. Endoscopic transthoracic versus surgical cervicodorsal sympathectomy: Yasser Mosbah Bedair El-Kiran. Mansoura University 1997.
  7. Clinical radiological, endoscopic and motility studies in cases with symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome: Ayman Abdel-ghafar El-Ksuky. Mansoura University 1999.
  8. Evaluation of swenson's operation in treatment of hirschsprung's disease: Emad El-Dein Hamdy Negm. Mansoura University 1999.
  9. Enzymatic amplification of RNA virus sequences by popymerase chain reaction: Mohamed El-Mitwally Mohamed El-Mitwally. Mansoura University 1999.
  10. Study of the effect of cholecystectomy on gastric antral mucosa: Adel Othman Yaseen. Mansoura University 1999.
  11. Neoadjuvant Radio-chemotherapy in colorectal cancer: Essam El-Sherbieny. Mansoura University 2000.
  12. Pancreatico gastrostomy virsus pancreatico jejunostomy after pancreatico duodenectomy a randomized study. Abd El Monenr, Mansoura University 2001.
  13. Management of preampullary tumor retrospective aralysis ,Ahmed sultan Mansoura university 2003
  14. Projnostic factor of preampullary tumor , Ehab El Desouky Mansoura University 2004.
  15. Epidemiology &Evaluation Of Different Modalities Of Management Of Proximal Bile Duct Cancer (EHAB EL-HANAFY, Mansoura University, Faculty of medicine) (MD). 2003
  16. Post Cholecystectomy Bile Duct Injury (ALI Salm , (MD). Mansoura University, Faculty of medicine) 2004
  17. Evaluation Of Pancreaticogastrostomy For Pancreatic Reconstruction After Pancreaticoduodenectomy (AHMED MUHAMED SULTAN, Mansoura University, Faculty of medicine) (MD). 2004
Activities: Top
  • Pan Arab Association Of Liver Transplantation 2005.
  • International Hepato Pancreato Biliary Association (IHPBA). 1999.
  • Gastrointestinal motility (1998)
  • International Association of surgeon & gastroenterologists (1996).
  • Pan-arab Association (1995).
  • Membership (international association of surgeons & Gastroenterologist (Athens 1986).
  • Egyptian surgical society (1985)
  • Fellowship in American medical society (Vienna 1980)
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Prof. F. A. Ezzat (FRCS).
Vice president of Mansoura University
Professor of Surgery & Gastroenterology
Mansoura University

Prof. M.D. EL-Zawahry (FRCS).
Professor of Surgery, Mansoura University
Mansoura Egypt.

Professor & Chairman, Department of surgery
Mansoura University
Mansoura Egypt.

Prof. Kaream Abu Al Majd,
General Surgery, Pittsburgh transplantation institute,
University of Pittsburg, USA.

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