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2010 ICBES

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     It is our great pleasure to display the second announcement of the "2nd International Conference on Biological and environmental sciences" (2nd ICBES 2010) to be held in Mansoura and Luxor, Egypt, 15th -20th March, 2010. The 2nd ICBES 2010 will highlight cutting-edge advances in all major disciplines of biological and environmental Sciences. This event will feature recent findings from leading industrial, clinical and academic experts in the field, in the form of lectures and posters. The 2nd ICBES 2010 will be unique in promoting up-to-date discussion in all fields of modern biomedical research and environmental science and technology, with a great number of participants who are basic scientists in science and technology.

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Audio/Visual (A/V) Timing of Presentations
Registration fees Identification Badges
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Official letter of invitation Certificate of attendance
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     Mansoura lies on the east bank of the Damietta branch of the Nile, in the Delta region. Mansoura is about 120 km northeast of Cairo. Mansoura means 'The Victorious (city)'. The city is named after the Egyptian victory in the battle of Mansoura over Louis IX of France during the Seventh Crusade.

     Mansoura University was founded in 1972 in Mansoura city, Egypt. It is one of the biggest Egyptian universities and has contributed much to the cultural and scientific life in Mansoura and Egypt. According to the 2008 Web metrics World Universities rankings, Mansoura University is ranked 3rd in Egypt and 15th in Africa.


    Luxor (al-Uqsur) is a city in Upper (southern) Egypt and the capital of Luxor Governorate. Its area is about 416 square
kilometers and 675 km south of Cairo. As the site of the ancient Egyptian city of Thebes, Luxor has frequently been characterized as the "world's greatest open air museum", the ruins of the temple complexes at Karnak and Luxor standing within the modern city. Immediately opposite, across the Nile River, lie the monuments, temples and tombs on the West Bank Necropolis, which include the valley of Kings and Valley of Queens.

Conference Language

    The working language of the Symposium is English, which will be used for all the presentations and printed materials.

Conference topics

Molecular biology,


Stress Response


Cell biology


Fetal growth and Placental defects

Plant Physiology,

Drug abuse


Invertebrate biology,


Cancer biology


Insects and human society


Stress and acclimation

Growth Regulators

Free radicals & Antioxidants


Protozoa and fish diseases


Comparative anatomy

Global responses






Signal Transduction

Pollution & human  health



Instruction for abstract preparation

    All those interested in presenting a contribution are invited to submit a proposed title, author(s) Names, institution (with mailing address and e-mail address) and a 300 words abstract that may include the purpose, results and significance of the paper to the secretariat. The deadline for receipt of abstract is January 1st, 2010. Titles of accepted papers will be on line as soon as conference starts.

Audio/Visual (A/V)

    Each session room will be preset with the following: one computer, one LCD projector, one screen, and one microphone (if needed). Overhead projector and other equipment will only be provided if requested by presenters on their registration forms.

Timing of Presentations

    Each paper will be allotted 15 minutes (including introduction and question-and-answer period), except where noted.

Registration fees

    All fees are quoted in EUR funds and do not include applicable taxes.

  Egyptian Non-Egyptian
Academic L.E. 1250 EUR700
Industry Affiliated L.E. 1250 EUR700
Accompanying Person L.E. 850 EUR500
Students L.E. 850 EUR 500

    This includes one copy of the delegate bag containing Proceedings of the conference, reception, meals, coffee breaks and the visit after the technical session and accommodation. The fee for each accompanying visitor includes reception, banquet, meals, shopping guide and the tour after the technical session. Additional fees are charged for special functions. On site registration will be held at 9:00?11:00 am on March 15th, 2010. Deadline for submission of full papers is 15th Feb 2010. Accepted papers will be published in special issue in Mansoura Bulletin of Science.


    Participants send the fees to:
Central Bank of Egypt, Foreign Operations Department, Treasury system, Egypt.
The account number: for Euro: 4/082/17471/4
For Egyptian Pound (Microbiology Unite). 9/450/88027/9
Group discount
Group discounts can only be offered with a minimum of 10 members and payment is processed in one single amount.


Submission of abstracts of Zoology department should be sent to E-mail: ICBES@mans.ed.eg, Tel. 0124196625.
Submission of abstracts of Botany department should be sent to E-mail: elshorah@yahoo.com, Tel: 0111457781.

Identification Badges

    Every symposium participant will receive their name badge on registration at the symposium. All attendees are asked to wear the badge during the scientific program. The badge is not transferable.

Confirmation of registration:

Letter of confirmation will be sent to you upon successful submission of your abstract and registration.

Official letter of invitation

    Official letter of invitation for visa applications can be requested by REGISTERED participants who have paid their fees in full. These letters do not and can not commit the Organizing Committee to any financial obligation.

Certificate of attendance

Certificates of attendance will be issued with the registration and information package upon arrival at the meeting.

Climate & clothing.

    March in Luxor can be hot and humid but is generally pleasant with daytime temperatures ranging between 20°C (68°F) and 30°C (86°F). We recommend bringing a light sweater.

Social programme

 1-Music fun at Mansoura University Club on 16 March, 2010.
 2-Visit to island of plants and valley of camels on 18 March, 2010.
 3-Visit to various habitats of Luxor desert e.g. mountains, valleys and oases on 19 March 2010.
 4-Nile journey.


Local Organizing Committee

Prof. Hassan El-Sayyad Prof. Mohamed N. Abd-Elghany
Prof. Gamal M. Edrees Prof. Omar A. El-Shehaby
Prof. Azza I. Othamas Prof. Mohamed A. Abbas
Prof. Mohamed A. El-Missiry Prof. Mohamed E. El-Naggar
Prof. Maher A. Amer Prof. Yahya A. Othman
Prof. Effat M. El-Shershaby Prof. Heshmat S. Aldesuquy
Prof. Ahmed Ebeed Prof. Hamed M. El-Shora
Dr. Sayed A. El-Tantawy  Prof. Samya A Haroun
Dr. Sayed Al Habibi Prof. Ibrahim I. Mashaly
Dr. Sherif H. Abden Prof. Mohamed E. Abozyada

International Advisory Committee

Name Nationality
Prof. Dr. Alison SmithName England
Prof. Dr. Milan Polakovic Slovakia
Prof. Dr. Kurf D. Berndt Sweden
Prof. Dr. Roberto Fernandez-lafuente Spain
Dr. Nateri Abdolrahman S U.K
Prof. Dr. H. Mokhtar U.S.A
Prof. Dr. Chandana Tialdar India
Prof. Dr. Margit Semmler Germany