It is a great pleasure to welcome you all to the homepage of the Department of Geology, Faculty of Science, Mansoura University.  As Earth Scientists, we are searching out to the rest of the world, we expect more interchanges with others either as Earth Scientists or as friends from every corner of the earth.
We hope that through this window, the Department of Geology of Mansoura University looks more familiar to you, even if it is far way from you. The study in the Department of Geology started at 1969 as a branch of Cairo University, then as part of the Faculty of Science of Mansoura University in 1973. The diverse scientific and research fields in the department are sedimentology & sedimentary rocks; Palaeontology & stratigraphy, petroleum geology & hydrogeology; petrology, mineralogy & ore deposits; applied geophysics and environmental geology. The Geology of the Nile Delta always has the priority in the research plans of the department as Mansoura is located in the mid-eastern part of the Nile Delta. Subsurface information, stratigraphic classification, sedimentological characteristics, structures and economic potentials have been of special interest to the teaching staff members. Moreover, the present environmental hazards threatening modern sector of the Nile Delta as marine erosion, salanization, soil degradation, neo-tectonics as seismic events and subsidence are subject that deserved keen studies in the Geology Department of Mansoura University. On these subjects and related aspects, the Geology Department at Mansoura University holds many activities including conferences, workshops, training courses and symposium. The department staff has a good credit regarding scientific publications in international and local journals.