Mathematics is the language of modern science, technology, engineering and finance, an art form and a tool of tremendous power. It is a language that is both beautiful and fascinating in its own right. Mathematics is an essential element in a wide range of human activities. Its role in the physical and engineering sciences has been traditional for more than two centuries. In the social and biological sciences it plays an increasingly important role in modeling complicated, large scale phenomena. It is an essential tool for computer science as well as all technology. Applied mathematicians use equations and computer simulations to design computer chips, study global climate change and study genetic engineering.

 Today more mathematics is being done, and more needs to be done, than ever before. The mathematics needed for 21st century science has not yet been discovered. The department of mathematics enjoys an outstanding international reputation. The department offers courses at many levels, meeting the diverse needs of faculty of science students. Courses range from those at the freshman level, which are offered in several sequences running at different levels, to advanced courses that prepare students for graduate studies in mathematics as well as being very useful for those intending to follow their studies in mathematics intensive fields such as applied mathematics, statistics, physics and computer science.