International undergraduate students' guide

Registeration Procedure

Applications are made online through the website of the Egyptian Cultural and Missions Affairs of the Egyptian Ministry of higher Education.

After receiving the acceptance letter through the e-mail, The student has to provide the following set of documents:

  1. High / Secondary school certificate (Original).
  2. A valid passport (Original).
  3. Birth certificate (original).
  4. Embassy's approval letter for him/her to study in Egypt for student applying through the embassy.
  5. 6 personal photos.
  6. A postal order values (150) Egyptian pounds (account number 5/82144 / 450/9) - The Central Bank of Egyp payable to the international students' club account.
Tuition Fees: Conventional program fees 2016/2017
Nationality First year + Registrations fees Annual Fees
Palestinian students:
(Who get their high school degree from inside palestine)
3750 USD 3000 USD
Palestinian students:
(Who get their high school degree from outside palestine)
7500 USD 6000 USD
Sudanese students 750 USD 600 USD
Malaysian students 8000 USD / year
Syrian students:
(Who get their high school degree from within Egypt)
Egyptian students' fees
Syrian students:
(Who get their high school degree from within Syria)
3750 USD 3000 USD
Syrian students:
(Receiving matriculation from other countries)
7500 USD 6000 USD
Other nationalities 7500 USD 6000 USD
Manchester medical education program

The program was launches at the begining of the academic year 2006-2007 according to the agreement signed with the University of Manchester and approval of the Ministry of Higher Education No. 2293 on 8/9/2006. The program adopts the curriculm of the University of Manchester under the supervision of training of the English side while the teaching and evaluation by the Egyptian side.

Progarm Criteria

  • The program is designed in the form of modules with integration at horizontal and vertical levels.
  • The program uses Problem-based learning (PBL) as an approach for these integrated modules. Students learn through well designed medical problems that cover a number of inter-related topics, There are no subjects (Anatomy, Physiology, Medicine Surgery, etc). but an integrated medical scenario to address a problem.
  • The program adopts student centered learning approaches to enable students to discover and learn for themselves, with experienced tutors to facilitate the process. This educational approach is particularly designed for active self-directed learners.
  • Methods of teaching and learning:
    The program is committed to small group teaching and training:
    10-15 students in groups for PBL, 25-30 students in groups for practical sessions and 100-150 students for lectures.
    Hospital visits in phase 1 and training in phase 2, in the form of clinical firms (groups of 10-15 students).
  • Methods pf assessment in the program: The program adopts objective methods of assessment both in formative (20%) and in summative (80%) assessment.

International postgraduate students' guide

Higher Degrees Awarded By Faculty of Medicine - Mansoura University

Faculty of Medicine - Mansoura University Does not offer Diploma degrees, but offer Master's and/or Doctoral degrees in different specialties.
After completing the required documents, payment of tuition fees and extract of the security approval the candidate will be enrolled in next semester:

  • Spring semester: study begins on the first of May and lasts for 15 weeks including the ongoing MCQ exam.
  • Autumn semester: study begins on the first of November and lasts for 15 weeks including the ongoing MCQ exam.
Duration of the study for Master's degree:
  • Clinical Departments: 6 months of the first semester + 24 months starting from the second semester + Commitment to the practical training.
  • Academic Departments: The training period is not less than 36 months starting from the date of approval of the departments of interest to join training program.
Duration of the study for a doctoral degree: three years (six semesters) after registration for the degree.

Application process & Required documents

The required documents are offered to the international students' office at the university administration or to be sent via r-mail address to:

  1. Registration form for graduate studies printed from the website.
  2. Copies of the following:
    1. Valid passport
    2. Birth certificate
    3. Certificate of equalization of the degree or the receipt of payment to get your degree equalized from the spreme council of universities (if found)
    4. Endorsed copy of bachelor certificate (to register for master's degree)
    5. Endorsed copy of master's degree certificate (to register for doctoral degree)
    6. Certificate house officer's training
    7. Grading certificate
    8. A letter of nomination from the student's embassy (in Cairo) that contains:
      • The school and scientific department for which the student is nominated
      • The scientific degree required
      • Specialty of interest
      • Academic year
      • Funding Agency (self-sponsored or government)
  3. A request to the head of the department of interest to get the initial approval for registration (filled in the postgraduate sector if the student is around)
  4. PERSONAL approval (from the general administration of the university) to bring out the original certificates and pay the fees within two months, otherwise the preliminary acceptance would not be considered

Tuition Fees & Expenses
Registration Fees Annual Fees
Master's Doctoral
1500 USD 6000 USD 6000 USD

Expenses for scientific visits and training:

  • 150 dollars/week (for up to 1 month visit)
  • 500 dollars/week (for more than a month up to 3 months)
  • 400 dollars/week (for more than 3 months up to 6 months)
  • 300 dollars/week (for more than 6 months)