IC Rates:

  • Nosocomial Infection rate.
  • Patient Infection rate.
  • Success rate.

guidelines for IC policies

  • Waste disposal policy.
  • Needle stick policy.
  • Disinfection policy.

daily check list

  • Food safety check list.
  • ICU. Check list.
  • cleaning check list.

Antibiotic therapy policy

  • Most sensitive antibiotics.
  • Most resistant antibiotics.
  • Most common organism.

food-safety policy

  • Availability of hand washing facilities.
  • Availability of clean –light colored-uniforms.
  • Availability of disposal gloves (vinyl or nitrile).
  • Food handlers course for kitchen staff.
  • Periodic screening of food handlers:


  • Vaccination of HCW including food- handlers againt HBV
  • Efficiency test

  • Efficiency testing for antiseptics and disinfectants
  • IC laboratories Recommendation

    • Laboratory structure
    • workers safety hints.

  • for health- care workers: aimed at increasing awareness about infection control guidelines.
  • Posyers for infection control

    • Hand washing posters.
    • Waste sorting posters.

    IC Committes