Lab Establishment
  • At the Forensic Medicine and Clinical Toxicology department 1991/1992
  • Organization chart approved by university council at 27/5/2013
Lab service reported to:
  • Mansoura Emergency Hospital and different specialized medical centers,
  • Traffic drivers
  • Workers and Employee.
  • Mansoura Faculty of Medicine and other faculties.
  • The results declared by Mansoura Toxicology Lab are independent and not
    influenced by other departments or institutions of Mansoura University
    Campus or legal authorities.


To provide efficient, rapid and high quality service in the field of toxicology, through accurate estimation of drug overdose, drugs of abuse and environmental pollutants by using highly equipped instruments


To be a nationally recognized Center of Excellence in laboratory diagnosis in the field of environmental, occupational health and toxicological assays.


Our Toxicology Laboratory adheres to strict chain of custody protocols, testing accuracy, as well as customer service for clients in business and industry, health and medical, school corporations, drug treatment centers, coroners, probation and law enforcement


Quality Insurance

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