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Mansura University


    Mansura University was founded in 1962, initially as a branch of Cairo University. The Urology and Nephrology center of Mansoura University is considered by many as the best kidney center in the Middle East and Africa. Besides being a major commercial and administrative center in the, largely rural, Dakahliya district, it could be described as primarily a 'university town'.
Mansurah also has a sports stadium which is home to its football team. Despite the city's ranking as the 'third Egyptian city, none of the African Nations Cup 2006 games were played there when Egypt hosted the tournament. Dakahliya's most famous beach, Gamasa, is to the north of the city.

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Sports Day for Malaysian Students at Olympic village on 12 April 2013

Mansoura open Basketball Tournament 2013 at Olympic village on 12 April 2013

Graduation of the 2nd batch of the international medical student, 7 th March, 2013