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On behalf of my department we heartily extend a very warm welcome to those who will visit our Psychiatry department’s site. It has been our continuous endeavor to become one of the largest psychiatry departments in Egypt, and on the way we have crossed many obstacles, but we believe we still have a long way to go and you are here to pave the way to not only reach the goal but also sustain it.


Heads of the department

Prof.Dr.Hala El-Boraie
From 10/4/2017 till now
Prof.Dr.Mohamed Faried Mohamed Abo el hoda
From 1/9/2016 to 9/4/2017
Prof.Dr. Wafaa Abdel-Hakim El-Bahaey
From 1/8/2012 to 31/7/2016
Prof.Dr. Mohamed Hafez El Atrony
From 1/8/2000 to 31/7/2003
From 1/8/1997 to 31/7/2000
Prof.Dr.Mohamed El Hossieny el Saied Khater
From 12/8/2003 to 1/8/2006
From 20/11/1994 to 13/8/1995
Prof.Dr. Osama Ahmed El Boray
From 1/8/2006 to 31/7/2009
Prof.Dr.Zeinab Abo El Fotoh Gomaa
From 1/8/2009 till 3/7/2012

Vision & Mision

We have a dream that our Psychiatry department will be eminent on the national and international......




Outpatient Clinic:

  • General Psychiary clinic

  • Three days per week On Sunday- Tuesday- Thursday.
  • We also have specialized clinics for:

  • -Child :Monday.

  • -Geriatric: Wednesday.

  • -Substance Abuse: Wednesday.

  • -Consultation Liasion: Saturday.

  • -Sleep disordersunit:

  • -Psychosexual: Saturday

  • -Adolescen : Saturday

Inpatient services:

In the mean time we have Thirty beds in the inpatient unit serving males andfemales.

Electrophysiology unit:

We provide EEG for inpatient and outpatient seekers.

Psychometry Unit

News & Activities