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Welcome to the Department of Medical Physiology at Mansoura University Faculty of Medicine. Our primary objectives are to provide the resources and opportunities that foster excellence in research among faculty, fellows, and students, to provide a superior teaching resource to medical and graduate students, and provide exemplary service to the medical school and university. As Physiology today is the Medicine tomorrow, the most important prize received in medicine is Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology.

Our priority for medical students is to enhance our teaching efforts with an emphasis on developing stimulating medically relevant interactive sessions. We offer a variety of undergraduate courses including physiology of cell, physiology of excitable tissues, physiology of blood, physiology of cardiovascular, physiology of kidney, physiology of nervous system, physiology of digestive and physiology of endocrine systems for medical and paramedical students.

Our staff members continue to strive for innovative and novel approaches to research. Some of the areas of research in our department include renal, cardiovascular, endocrine, cellular, molecular and neurophysiology. We are fortunate to have faculty who are recognized researchers and scholars in their fields, talented and stimulating teachers, and committed to effective intra-and interdepartmental collaboration.

We are very pleased to have so many outstanding individuals contributing to the success of the Department of Medical Physiology. We strive to continue to provide innovative research and outstanding teaching that will assist in understanding the mechanisms underlying diseases and generate great leaders in their field. Thank you for visiting our website and I invite you to explore our department further to learn more about our research activities and our education programs.

Best Regards
Head of Department
Prof Dr/ Sabry Awad Gad



Vision & Mission


In education, to improve the standards of teaching to both undergraduate& postgraduate students that cope with the global levels

In research, we work towards being a leading department where we aim to conduct researches which can solve many significant problems in our community and contribute significantly to the advancement of scientific and medical knowledge


Physiology Department works to achieve the following objectives:

  1. 1- To provide educational services in the field of physiology:

  2. Teaching and practical training for undergraduate students of First Year and Second Faculty of Medicine.
    Teaching and practical training for students of various colleges benefiting from the study of physiology.
    To provide continuing medical education for doctors in various medical specialties benefiting from the physiological study after graduation.
    Teaching and training for postgraduate students to obtain advanced degrees (MS – PhD).
  3. 2- Conducting research in the field of Medical Physiology


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Contact Us

Dr.Mohammed Rami Rabei

Phone: 01002345473
e-mail: Physiology.med.mans@gmail.com