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The unites of clinical pathology department offer the following services for in and out-patients:

Clinical Chemistry investigations:

  • Diabetic panel: glucose and HbA1c.
  • Liver function tests: ALT, AST, Bilirubin, Albumin  Alk. Phosphatase, GGT.
  • Kidney function tests: creatinine, BUN, Uric acid, creatinine clearance, Urine analysis.
  • Plasma protein separation by electrophoresis.
  • Investigations for cardiac, gastro- intestinal function.
  • Bone panel: Ca, Ph, ALP, PTH, Osteocalcin, b cross lap.
  • Examination of body fluids: CSF- ascetic - pleural- synovial and semen analysis.
  • Investigations for endocrinal disorders (Pituitary-thyroid-parathyroid-suprarenal-gonads-infertility work up).
  • Investigations for early diagnosis and monitoring of malignant disease – tumor markers (CA15-3-CEA-AFP-CA19-9-CA125, PSA).
  • Blood gases and electrolyte measurements.
  • Clinical Hematology investigations:

    Complete haemogram.
    Hb, RBC count, PCV, TLC, DLC, plat count Erythrocyte indices.
    - ESR
    - Exam of blood smears
    - Reticulocytic count
    - S. iron , TIBC, S. ferritin.
    - Bone marrow aspiration / biopsy.
    - Osmotic fragility test
    - G6PD assay (Owqnt Qualit).
    -Anti Human Globulin (coombs’ test).
    - Haemoglobin electrophoresis.
    - Sickling test.
    - Prussian blue reaction
    - Haemoparasites.
    - Screening for haemostatic defects; BT, CT, PT, APTT.

    Specialized Haematology labs.

    Carry out the fallowing investigations

  • Haemostasis:
  • Coagulation factor assays
  • Anti phospholipids.
  • Anti cardio lipin.
  • FDPS.
  • D- dimmer.
  • PAI.
  • Platelet Function tests.
  • Cytochemical Reactions PAS, SBB, Peroxidase , Esterases.
  • Molecular biology lab
  • Flow cytometry.
  • Sequencing.
  • Blood bank lab:

  • Blood grouping (manual & automated).
  • Viral screening (ELISA) HBsAg , HCV, HIV
  • RPR.
  • PCR techniques .
  • Cytopharesis unit:
         For preparation of various blood products.

    Clinical Microbiology investigations:  

  • Culture and sensitivity test
    • Bacterial
    • Fungal
    • Mycobacterial
  • Staining  technique
    • Gram 
    • Z.N
    • Gimsa 
  • Serological test
    • Elisa for
      H. pylori
    • Latex
    • Skin test
    • Tuberculin

    Clinical Immunology investigations:

    I) Routine laboratory: which carries out a wide range of investigations for - in and outpatient to aid in the diagnosis and follow up of different cases. These investigations include;
    1- Serum immunoglobulins levels G , M , A , E total & specific & G subclass.
    2- Serum complement levels.
    3- Autoantibodies ( ANA , Anti dsDNA , ACL , Antiphospholipids ,SSA , SSB , Anti smith , Anti SCL 70 , AMA , ASMA , ANCA , Anti CCP , anti sperm antibodies... etc) .

    II) Cellular laboratory: which estimates& evaluates cellular immunity in many diseases, such investigations include:
    NBT, chemotaxis, phagocytic function test, lymphocyte activation with mitogen, NK cytotoxicity, MLC& cross matching.

    III)Fluorescent laboratory: which carries out different fluorescent techniques such as; CD3, CD4, CD8, ANA, LKM, antigliadin, antiendothelial, CD16, CD57, CD56, CD11a, CD11b, CD11c ...etc

    IV) Molecular biology laboratory: for HLA typing, cytokine expression, HLA-G expression, and gene polymorphism by different techniques such as; reverse dot blot, SSP, SSO, RT- PCR, and RFLP.