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Clinical Hematology Unit

   Hematology unit is one of the main branches of clinical pathology department, Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura University.      
   The unit is mainly located in the main buildings of the faculty and the main University Hospital. Many satellite hematology labs are also distributed in all the specialized university medical centers including: Pediatric Hosp, Oncology center, Internal medicine Hosp, GIT center and the Emergency hosp in addition to the main university blood bank.

The main Haematology lab was constructed since 1968 by Prof. Lotfy Abdel-Naby performing the basic haematological investigation with continuous development and upgrading regarding  the lab staff, the working area , satellite and specialized labs, equipments as well as the advanced technical haematology procedures.

  The unit was headed by Prof. lofty Abdel –Naby followed by Prof. Mohamed Awad, Prof. Hyam Rashad then Prof. Osama saad salama then prof. hasan ahmed abd elghafar.

The haematology staff in the unit up tell now comprise   9 professors, 5 assistant professors , 7 lectures, 5 assistant lectures.

Haematology staff members

Prof. lotfy Abdel –Naby mahmoed
Prof. Mohamed aly Awad.
Prof. Hyam Rashad ghonem
Prof. Osama saad salama.
Prof. Hassan Ahmad Abdel –Ghaffar.
Prof. osama Al baz Alagrody
Prof. Salah Al- Shahat Aref.
Prof. Solafa abd  Alraof  Al-Sharawy.
Prof. Doaa Abdalla al adel
Prof. Manal ibrahem Foudah
Prof. Tarek Al-sayed sliem
Assistant Professors:
Ass. Prof. Samy Maarouf .
Ass. Prof. Omar Abdel Azeez
Ass. prof Nashwa khairt Abu –Samra
Ass.prof Hanan ahmed galal  Azzam
Ass.prof. Doaa mahmoed  Ghanam.

Dr .Amany Mansour
Dr .Enas Fawzy
Dr . Doaa abd el haleem Shaheen.
Dr. Yaser mohomedAl-sherbeeny
Dr. Hanaa Morkous
Dr. Heba abd alrazek al dekhedy
Dr. rabab mahfoz awad
Dr. Shreen abd al azez abo alwafa
Dr. Dalia Abdel –Raouf al bashier
Dr. Amr mohomed Alsedeek
Dr. lamya mohomed Ibrahem
Assistant Lecturers
Tamer ahmed Mansour.
Mohomed sabry
Ahmed Hassan al sbeaay
Wael ibrahiem al khayary
Laila mohomed thrwat
Wesam eldesoky elderiny
Ahmed akef
Sara ghaleb
Lab Technicians :   42
Service technicians: 3
Secretions:               6
Clanks :                    6
Laborers:              2

The General haematology labs perform the basic lab tests:

Complete haemogram.

Hb, RBC count, PCV, TLC, DLC, plat count Erythrocyte indices.
- Exam of blood smears
- Reticulocytic count
- S. iron , TIBC, S. ferritin.
- Bone marrow aspiration / biopsy.
- Osmotic fragility test
- G6PD assay (Owqnt Qualit).
-Anti Human Globulin (coombs’ test).
- Haemoglobin electrophoresis.
- Sickling test.
- Prussian blue reaction
- Haemoparasites.
- Screening for haemostatic defects; BT, CT, PT, APTT.

Specialized Haematology labs.

Carry out the fallowing investigations

Coagulation factor assays
Anti phospholipids.
Anti cardio lipin.
D- dimmer.
Platelet Function tests.
Cytochemical Reactions PAS, SBB, Peroxidase , Esterases.
Molecular biology lab
Flow cytometry.

Blood bank lab:

Blood grouping (manual & automated).
Viral screening (ELISA) HBsAg , HCV, HIV
PCR techniques .

Cytopharesis unit:

For preparation of various blood products.

Haematology Research labs :

Fully equipped and prepared for highly specialized, fine and advanced techniques.
Serving postgraduate MD & MSc students, post-doctorate researchers from all departments and universities.

Haematology equipments includ :

Electronic haematology counters ( different models )
Electric microscopes
Teaching microscope
Electrophoresis systems
Scanner for electrophoresis strips
ELISA systems
Coagulation Analyzers
Platelet aggregameter
Automated ESR system
Fluorescent microscopes
Flow cytometry
Bone marrow Aspiration & biopsy needles
Cytapharesis systems
Cooling centrifuge
Blood bank refrigerators
Deep freezers
Real time PCR

Research fields :

Molecular diagnosis of haematological diseases; Leukaemia, 
   Lymphomas, MDS, thalassemias  
Erythrocyte enzymopathies
Bone marrow failure
Bone marrow transplantation
Haematological aspects of systemic diseases Renal, hepatic,  autoimmune,    rheumatic etc
Growth factors cytokines

Thesis supervision & article publications:

Many MD& Msc thesis , research projects have been carried out in   the fore mentioned fields and have been published in international and local Egyptian specialized journals .
scientific co-operation and  interrelation has been extended with many universities abroad e.g. American, French , Netherlands, UK in the farm of research projects, thesis supervision, training courses, scientific visits.
Arrangement of the annual scientific conference, courses and workshops.