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About Us


• Welcome our visitors to the website of Internal Medicine Department, Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura University. • Internal medicine is the science that deal with the diseases that affect the gut, liver, blood, endocrine glands and kidney as well as oncology and diabetes and metabolism disorders.


Heads of the department

Prof.Dr.Zaki Mahmoud Shaer
From 15/12/1969 to 02/08/1985
Prof.Dr. Mohamed Ragheb Refae
From 22/10/1985 to 21/10/1991
Prof.Dr.Ragae Henary Lofty
From 22/10/1991 to 31/07/1997
Prof.Dr. Sayed Salem El-sayed
From 01/08/1997 to 31/07/2003


Vision & Mision

We strive through innovation and collaboration to provide the highest quality clinical service, lead the way in scientific discovery to advance health and attract outstanding investigators, be innovators in education,......




  • - The Department of Internal Medicine performs many scientific research programs aiming primarily to provide quality service in terms of diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive medicine.

  • - Provide treatment services in the field of specialization of these diseases to the citizens at the highest level.

  • - Teaching internal medicine and its branches to the medical students of the 5th year (conventional program) and the number exceeds 1200 students annually as well as medical students of Manasoura-Manchester program in the 3rd, 4th and 6th years.
  • - Teaching general medicine to the undergraduate students of the nursing and dentistry faculties.

  • - Teaching and training postgraduate students in the master degree (Internal Medicine degree and the medical sector of the master degree of many other branches) and in the doctorate degree (Internal Medicine, Nephrology, Hepatology and Gastroenterology, Endocrine, Diabetes and Metabolism, Medical Oncology and Clinical Hematology).

  • - Training a cadre of doctors from the Ministry of Health, health insurance and the armed forces and others who are more than 50 doctors annually.
  • News & Activities

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    - Annual conference of the internal medicine department.

    - Annual conference of rheumatology and immunology unit.

    - Annual conference of nephrology and dialysis unit

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