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of Neurosergery Department, Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura University. According to the ministerial decision No.127 taken on 8/3/2004; The council of Mansoura University made a decision on 22/2/2004


Heads of the department

Heads of the department
1- Abdel-Wahab Mahmoud Ibrahim Abdel-Wahab from 16/3/2004 to 31/7/2007
2- Mohamed Safwat Ibrahim From 1/8/2007


Neurosurgery Center

The decision of Dr. Engineer, the Minister of Housing, Utilities & Urban Communities to establish the three medical centers (neuroscience neurosurgery, obstetric & Gynecology and orthopedic surgery



The intensive care

It is found at the first floor of the main building and it is provided with the up to date artificial ventillation systems and the monitoring with a capacity of six beds and it is mostly occupied by the neurosurgery patients and the patients of postoperative of the brain surgery for a short period then the patient is transferred to the moderate ICU in the section 4.

The inpatient department

The inpatient department is found inside the main hospital first floor-section ( 1 ) for women and section (4) for men. Section (4) contains moderate ICU care ( 7 beds) and the total capacity of the inpatient department is about ( 60 )patients and the department receives the admission cases which have reached the number of ( 600 cases ) last year and it carries out the tasks of diagnosis , treatment , preparation for surgery and care after surgeries .

The Outpatient Clinics

The Outpatient Clinics receives thousands of patients yearly and due to the steady increased number of people coming from a sector of north and east Delta, the days which are dedicated to the department of neurosurgery have been increased from 3 days weekly to the whole days of the week except Thursday that the clinic receives the average of 528 patients monthly with a total of 6338 patients in the year 2003 / 2004. We intend to organize specialty clinics that started with the spine clinic every Sunday and another clinic for the pituitary gland and its diseases on Monday and a third one for the follow-up postoperative cases every Saturday. In addition to another clinic in the pediatric university hospital for a receiving , treating and following up the children patients and this clinic receives about 100 patients every month. The total number of patients who visited the pediatric clinic of neurosurgery between 1 / 1 / 2003 and 31 / 12 / 2004 , was (1157). The patients are examined and reviewed by the teaching staff members and the resident doctors. They doing diagnosis and treatment of neurosurgical patients in addition to admission cases which need surgery to the inpatient department surgery according to the waiting list , with exception of oncology cases (CNS tumors) and cases which need fast intervention which is admitted to the inpatient department without waiting .

The operation room

The operation room There are two operation rooms at the third floor of the main building and they are prepared and supplied with the updated equipments and instruments for carrying highly advanced and precise operations on the brain , the spinal cord , and the peripheral nerves. the number od surgeries ranges between 15 - 20 cases weekly .
And it's supplied with the following : -
1-Ultrasonic aspirator for CNS tumor surgery.
2-An air craniotome of the skull bones.
3-An electric high speed drill .
4- A stereotaxy fram system(CRW)
5-An intraqoperative X-ray (C-arm)
6- Neuroendoscopy.
7-A microsurgical microscope of a high technology.
8-A projector monitor related to a camera to show the special operations during and after the surgery.
9- The newest anaesthesia equipments, instruments and the monitoring screens.