Neurosurgery Center

Neurosurgery Center The decision of Dr. Engineer, the Minister of Housing, Utilities & Urban Communities to establish the three medical centers (neuroscience neurosurgery, obstetric & Gynecology and orthopedic surgery centers) was issued a number (14) of year 2001 on entrustment of to the Arab Contractors Company on 24 / 6 / 2001, and that according to the recommendation of the Mansoura university council by 26 / 2 / 2001. The work has started in November 2001 and the completion of the stage of bases and basement took place and the discretionary cost of the project 40 million pounds (forty million pounds) as a foundation. Neuroscience and neurosurgery center will be the first specialized centre in the Middle East and will prepare with the newest international technologies in the diagnosis and the medicinal and surgical treatment to diseases, tumors and the injuries of the nervous system.