About Us


• On behalf of all the staff members of our department I would like to welcome all visitors to this website where we try to introduce our department and all the scientific activities that we provide to all our students and patients.

• Staff members of the Medical department maintain active and productive research programs with special emphasis on diseases that affect our locality, as well as serving all the patients with all the latest techniques and equipment guided always by the international standard guidelines.

• We are doing our best to accomplish a new mission of accreditation of cardiovascular medicine department, Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura University in collaboration with the Excellences of the Mansoura University head and the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine

Heads of the department

Prof.Dr. Fawzia Mohammed El-Demerdash
from 12/8/2003 to 1/9/2005
Prof.Dr. Helmy Mahfouz Abo Bakr
from 10/3/2008 to 31/7/2010
Prof.Dr. Essam Mohamed El-sayed Mahfouz
from 9/8/2010 to 31/7/2013
Prof.Dr. Eman El-Sayed El-Safty
from 6/12/2013 to 5/12/2014
Prof.Dr. Abd El-Razek Abd El-latif Maaty
from 25/9/2011 to 5/12/2011
from6/12/2014 to 31/7/2016
Prof.Dr. Mahmoud Abdo Youssef
from 1/8/2016 till now

Vision & Mision

Be classified regionally and globally to achieve international standards of excellence in medical education , research process and medical services, all of which incorporate to provide the best for the society services.


• Provide a high level of excellence in education and medical training in cardiology, vascular and provide excellent medical service to patients department.

• The development of scientific research in relation to heart disease and blood vessels


We endorse collaboration, creativity, diversity, excellence, fairness, honesty, innovation, integrity, lifelong learning, public service, teamwork, transparency, and work life balance.



  • • Coronary angiography unit

  • • Primary PCI service opened for all the patients 24 hours all week days.

  • • Electrophysiology unit provides an advanced service of arrhythmia ablation for patients using different modalities like the conventional radiofrequency ablation and also the advanced 4D techniques.

  • • Implantation of all types of cardiac devices like the cardiac pacemakers, resynchronization therapies and defibrillation devices.

  • • Three rooms of echocardiography provide this service for all the inpatients and also outpatient cases in addition to research facilities.

  • • Outpatient clinics which follow up a minimum of 100-200 patients everyday.
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