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Welcome Our visitors; to the website of Anesthesia and surgical ICU department, faculty of medicine, Mansoura university under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Mohamed El-kenawy, head of the university and Prof. Dr. El-Said Abdel-hady Dean of the faculty of medicine Dear ladies & gentlemen, welcome to our new website welcome to our department. We aim at our site to make you get familiar to our staff and to know the advances we have in our department. In our world; that we serve all patients giving them efficient techniques in anesthesia and good protocol for pain killing and analgesia, comfortable care in ICU when needed. That is for helping them to undergo better quality of life & good emotions and help them to overcome their bad dreams about operations and hospitals

Prof.Dr.Mona Abd El Galel Anees Hashesh     Head of department


Scientific Activities

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Conference events twenty ten modern trends in anesthesia and intensive care at Mansoura University, which opened Organized by the department of anesthesia and intensive care surgical Mansoura Faculty of Medicine at the University of the Eleventh Conference entitled "Recent trends in anesthesia and intensive care and surgical treatment of pain... Read More

History of Anesthesia

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Ancient Egyptian medicine

he ancient Egyptian civilization was characterized by a great advance which was the invention of writing and the use of papyri in recording the different aspects of life. “Hunt AS (1929): Article Papyrology in British Encyclopedia 14th ED, 211-230;Copenhagen press, LONDON.”

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