Ancient Egyptian medicine

The ancient Egyptian civilization was characterized by a great advance which was the invention of writing and the use of papyri in recording the different aspects of life.                                                                 
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Medicine in ancient Egypt was one aspect of an advanced civilization. Practiced by physicians not by witches as in old primitive parts of the world.

Advent of medicine in ancient Egypt goes to the Badarian age 4000 BC.

It may be suggested that ancient Egyptians were also acquainted with acupuncture as they described 22 channels similar to Chinese meridians of acupuncture , and a unit of measurement similar to the “cun” of Chinese
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MD Thesis,  Mansoura University.

Expression of pain was considered to be a shame , so neglected the use of frequent pain alleviation during that time .                

Surgery and pain alleviation :


– Local analgesics (plants)

Henban  بنج

Hemp    حشيش هندى 

Egyptian thornسنط 

Papaver somniferum الخشخاش

Mandragora (Mandrake)  اليبـروح

Juniperous valgaris عـرعـر

Salix alba صفصاف

Hyoscyamus (hyoscyamine + scopolamine)

“   The medicinal skills of ancient Egyptians were far beyond their time.
 With the writing of the first medical texts,  performance of the first surgical techniques, use of the first splints and bandages, the first drug therapies, and the first medical dictionary ,
 The ancient Egyptians revolutionized the world of medicine and laid a path and framework for the advances in medicine that exist in our world today.”

Tamara T. Myers

Arabs- Muslims described in details the pharmacology of important narcotics such as opium and other central nervous system depressants such as hyoscyamus , henbane,
          Hemp & mandrake.
                                                      (Khairallah 1942)
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