The department of human anatomy and embryology is one of the  most important departments in the faculty of Medicine. Anatomy is a fundamental science that helps studying the other medical sciences.

    The staff members of the department teach anatomy and embryology to 1st & 2nd years medical students and also 6th year medical students through the course of surgery. The department services other faculties as Dentistry, Pharmacy & Nursing (1st year students), health institute, nursing institute and faculty of Science in Mansoura & Damietta, and also services the postgraduate students (Master and Doctorate degrees) in most specialties in these faculties.

    The department consists of a morgue that is formed of 5 halls for teaching with computers, data show systems and digital cameras, also there's a museum that contains more than 300 jars of anatomy specimens, also there's a hall for plastinated anatomy specimens & plastic models, and also there are 3 halls for teaching arrivals , dentistry & pharmacy students and another hall for teaching postgraduate students with a computer , a data show system & an electronic board.

    In the department, there are 3 scientific research labs helping researchers to prepare paraffin sections and stain them. Other labs are being prepared, one for stem cell research & the other one for Immuno-histochemical staining.

    The students get the course of Anatomy & Embryology through lectures, practical sections, viewing videos & through tutorials. The dept. allows the students to borrow the bones & plastic models from the museum to simplify studying.

    The department was the first to introduce self studying by dividing students into small groups (10-12 students). Students of each group, share in a presentation, small research or poster to be discussed  by other students and staff members.

Previous Heads of Department