About Us
Welcome to the Department of Surgery at the University of Mansoura. Our department has an unparalleled legacy of surgical leadership and an unrelenting dedication to education and innovative patient care. At our core has always been an unwavering commitment to excellence in research, in order to advance medical knowledge, train the surgeon-scientists of tomorrow, and above all, deliver cutting-edge, compassionate care to patients and their families. As we go forward, we will focus on expanding our patient care modalities and our clinical and research centers of excellence, thereby providing an increased base for training house staff and medical students. Our research programs will continue to expand in the subfields of Trauma and laparoscopic surgery. Our heightened efforts in translational research will have a direct impact on patients through our surgical outpatient follow up and our design of trials of advanced surgical treatments. This website and its links will introduce you to our department’s history, our guiding vision, and our current mission statement, in addition to giving you access to information on our department, specialized units of excellence, research programs, clinical trials, and other resources.

Prof. Dr.Nazem Shams / Head of department Surgery University of Mansoura