About the Department
The Department of Diagnostic Radiology and Imaging was founded in 1978. The first was P.D. Mohammad AbdelAzeez AbdelGawad. The principle department is situated in Mansoura University Hospital and contains several equipment: plain x-ray, contrast study, panorama, ultrasonography, Doppler, etc.
In addition to several radiology units in different specialized centers e.g. Oncology Centre, Gastroenterology Centre, Children Hospital, Specialist Medical Hospital and the Emergency Hospital, all under the supervision of the principle department in Mansoura University Hospital.

Heads of radiology department:

P.D. Mohammad AbdelAzeez AbdelGawad (1978-1981)
P.D. AbdelKhaleqh AbdelRazeqh (1982-1985)
P.D. Magdy AlRakhawy ( 1985-1991)
P.D. Saleh Al-Essawy (1991-1994)
P.D. Magdy AlRakhawy (1995-1998)
P.D. Saleh Al-Essawy (1998-2001)
P.D. Sabry Al-Mogy (2001-2007)
P.D. Mahmoud AlNahas (2007-2009)