Management Training and Consultations Centre
Faculty of Commerce – Mansoura University

Center's Massage:
Providing experience and focusing on the specialized experiences which were derived from direct professional contact with Arab and International institutions. Moreover, submitting these experiences to the asking authorities whether training, consulting or professional to follow the most accurate and prestigious Professional work rules in activities' implementation assigned to the center to perform. Professionalism adopts four bases which are:" "Quality- Mastery- Development- Secret" in dealing with the asking authorities' data, information and experiences, and providing highly qualified excellent training and advisory services.
As Management Training and Consultations Centre, we are interested in providing a high-level model of the Arab Management Performance. Our base is to consolidate the professionalism of training, management consultations and Arab human development. Our goal is offering a full range of experiences, training services and consultations to the specialized managers and Arab management as a whole via committed and effective performance which is characterized by excellence and attention, thereby strengthening the leadership position in the dissemination and exchange of Arab and international experiences.
Center's Vision:
As a result to our vision in investing minds and brains, being a beacon of knowledge, having performance integrity and having leadership in development, we are approved to be a leading and excellent model in the quality of training and management consultations and an empowering tool for the community's prosperity by: leadership in excellence and creativity, oriented- education via training, creating an atmosphere of intellectual excitement, competition, partnership, contribution to the future leaders' preparation in various fields and meeting the training requirements through Providing programs and professional conferences, training sessions, integrated high-quality workshops, leadership in scientific and practical research, creative consultations, creative expression, an effective partnership with government and private agencies in order to achieve cultural development of human resources in Egypt and the Arab world.
Cerner's' Values:
Our values are considered to be beacons which guide us in our work and we believe that quality comes first. We are committed to these core values and providing our customers with high- quality products and the level of customer service which cannot be compared. And the Center values the existence of practical and scientific environment that Sponsor intellectual growth through free expression of sincere. The Management Training and Consultations Center is committed to excellence at all educational, training and creative levels, guiding all the trainees excellence and developing the capacity of Sentencing and wise decisions . The Management Training and Consultations Centre plays a vital role in investing human resources in the community and a key engine for economic development. More specifically, these values include:
(Quality 1st - Perfection - Creativity - Entrepreneurship - Innovation - Commitment - integrative - Fast delivery - Flexibility - Transparency - justice - continuous improvement - the pursuit of excellence - creativity and depth of vision - Responsibility - Leadership - Culture - results that count - professional integrity – Development and continuous improvement - Team Spirit).
Center's Strategic goal:
Our strategic aim is acted in (What's after ... training and development?): in developing and approving performance standards to measure scientific and skill level of the trainees through excellence in training and development programs, cultural contributions, customer confidence in the outputs of the center, investment optimization of our resources to deal positively with the external variables and developments and modern technology and the provision of experts and advisers With an outstanding capacity and experience, high energies, various majors, scientifically qualified supplied with practical expertise in various fields. The strategic orientation of the center is" What happens after the training and development", For better management which means: focusing on the exchange of professional experiences , the provision of means and methods necessary to do so, strengthen the training profession and human development, Providing integrated training service and advanced Arab Management .. And it also means commitment to the highest levels of excellence in performance.
The Center's mission:
Our mission is to develop integrated solutions, commit to the highest professional levels, assist you at all times in all cases and listen to your requirement, design of innovative and modern solutions, help you and your staff in achieving your goals and to encourage and help your staff to participate effectively in institution-building, achieve their goals and to create and sustain a positive constructive relations with customers.
The Center's Philosophy:
Our center adopts specific philosophy in the training process which is based on the following key themes:
The Center relies in its training programs upon methods which allow participants to practical and applied opportunity in order to achieve the effectiveness of training, and leads to the exchange of experiences among the participants and trainees, the most important of these methods are:
(Lectures - Role-playing - discuss working papers - laboratory - Management games - seminars and public debates - practical applications - cases and exercises - surveys - training films - field trips - guided discussions and brainstorming.)
In order to be able to fulfill this philosophy in the training process, the center utilizes university professors and experts, academics and pioneers of practitioners and Applied in various disciplines. The center has paved the way and created opportunities for many experiences that occupy high positions in the Arab world to play their role and benefits administration community 0f efficiency, the center method is marked, in training, by the following:
- The center designs training programs and follow them up relying on a set of scientific and practical competencies of university professors and workers in the fields.
- The center depends, to implement its programs upon distinguished group of university professors, experts and senior practitioners from its members.
- The center uses the updated scientific methods aiming at achieving the benefit in training of the practical application.
- The center offers the scientific material printed to the members of each training course in addition to providing specialized books and references regarding the theme of the training courses.

- The scientific supervisor of the session identifies the views of trainees and responds to their demands in the framework of the prepared curriculum in full cooperation with the experts involved in its implementation.
- The trainees are assigned to prepare field research from the reality of practical problems, which they face during the application and then to participate in the discussion with a group to make the best use of the different views.
- The center works on providing an opportunity for relationship between the participants in each program, aiming at strengthening ties and establishing close ties among themselves leading to exchange views and experiences.

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