Biochemistry is the language of biology. It is the science concerned with studying the various molecules that occur in living cells and organisms and with their chemical reactions.

     Biochemistry and medicine are intimately related. Health simply means normal biochemical reactions occurring in the body while disease means abnormal biochemical reactions. The physicians prescribe chemicals (drugs) in an attempt to turn abnormal biochemical reactions into normal biochemical reactions.

     I feel it a great pleasure to present these few subjects and lectures to my beloved undergraduate and postgraduate students of medical biochemistry.
The overall objective of these topics is to provide concise easily studied source of basic medical biochemistry and molecular biology.
No one can be completely perfect.

      I will look forward for valuable comments and fruitful suggestions from my colleagues and students so that errors will be corrected and suggestions will be taken into account.

     I sincerely thank all members of the E-learning unit in faculty of medicine university of Mansoura for their efforts to bring out this work.

                                                                    Muhammad M. A. Said