The human body is the physical or biological component of the human being. Humans are arguably the most complex organism on Earth. Billions of microscopic parts, each with its own identity, work together in an organized manner for the benefit of the total being. The microscopic study of human tissue conspicuously serves to provide evidence of God's creative power and the love He has for us.

        Histology is an interested science deal with the study of the microscopic structure of cells, organs and tissues of human and animals. It is performed by examining a thin slice (section) of tissue under a light microscope or electron microscope. The ability to visualize or differentially identify microscopic structures is frequently enhanced through the use of histological stains. Histology is an essential tool of biology and medicine.
        Studying the  histological structure of human body is a an important Keynote for the medical students to understand the structural alterations of cells (morphologic changes), and functional deviations from the normal that characterize a particular disease i.e Histopathology

Prof.Dr.  Amal Mohamed Moustafa 
Department of Histology and Cell Biology
Faculty of Medicine - Mansoura University ,Egypt

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