Medical Experimental Research Center

Promoting research for better health

As a faculty of medicine we had always three principle missions; education, community services and research.

In the last five years we became fully oriented with the major problem we are facing as Egyptian university; research activities are in diverse directions without a prominent research facility.

Lack of this research facility and lack of main direction of research represents a root cause for the paucity of our share in international publication.

This problem is not unique to our universities but bothers the other Egyptian (if not Arabic) universities.

This triggered us to decide making sufficient effort to unify research in our faculty into main track with a research center that supports this research plan.

The first goal was achieved through communicating different interested faculty staff members. After extensive discussions, stem cell and regenerative medicine emerged as the research plan for the coming 5 years.

Then we had to go through another journey searching in different places in the faculty to establish the research center. Finally, we chose the most peripheral part of the faculty which- by chance- was the old animal house.

Hand in hand with interested and motivated staff this place took a shape from old and dark to modern and brilliant, it is small but full of interest, new ideas and ambition.

Now, we have in MERC animal facility, operating theatre, seminar room, laboratories and great hope for great success and achievements for our faculty and our junior staff to be young scientists competing with their international peers.