Be the best medical school in Egypt and among the top 3 in middle east committed to excellence and leadership in education, research, health care and service to the community through:

  1. Improving quality of medical education by collaborative efforts with other medical institutions, non governmental organizations, and international organizations.
  2. Upgrading the quality of graduates and enhance education processes according to the worldwide academic standards to serve Dakahleya governorate, Delta region, Egypt, and other countries.
  3. Encouragement of staff members to participate in community   development and in drawing up and implementing development
    policies and plans.
  4. Development of annovative training processes to increase knowledge, background, and experience of medical students.
  5. Empowerment of students and encourage their participation in decisions that affect their education.
  6. Allowing the students to share in the evaluation of teaching and training processes.
  7. Activation and improvement of the role of staff members in research projects in collaboration with research centers and other organizations.



Pathology department is committed to excellence in the three areas that comprise its mission.

  1. the teaching and training of medical and graduate students, clinical and research fellows and pathology residents.
  2. the practice of anatomic and clinical pathology diagnosis and consultation for a large academic medical center and its community affiliates
  3. the advancement of knowledge through basic and clinical research and the translation of advances from the laboratory to clinical practice.