Scientific Activities


Weekly Seminars held on Monday from 11pm - 1pm in the molecular biology unit, parasitology department




Dr. Mohamed Amen El-Malky

International publications

Dr. Hala Ahmed Gaber El-Nahas

Leishmania :The enemy within

Dr. Manar Azab Sobh

Parasite and cancer

Dr. Soha Ibrahim Awad

Autogony in arthropods

Dr. Nairmeen Nabih

Genetic control of arthropods
Hints of biosafety
Short notes on types of microscopes

Dr. Nora Labeeb El-Tantawy

Cytokine pattern changes in patient co-infected with schistosomiasis  and HCV   
Maggot therapy

Dr. Naglaa shalby

Parasites and water pollution

 Dr. Doaa Abdel Badie Awad

Chloroquine drug resistance
New trends in diagnosis of malaria     

Dr. Abee rAbd ElRehim El-Henawy  

Allergy and autoimmunity in helminthosis
Hydrocele in filariasis   

Dr. Nora Ibrahim Abou ElFetouh

Parasite vaccine  
Nematophagus fungi                     

Dr. ALiaa Mohamed Abd Elati

Role of cholesterol in parasitic infection
Nitric oxide effect in parasitic infection                                  

Dr. Samar Mohamed Al-Hussieny


Dr. Nora Esam El-deen Abd-elkader

Diagnosis of fascioliasis                 

Dr. Wafaa mahmoud El Zayady

Gene expression by plasmodium from gametocyte to protozoa   

Dr. marwa Mohamed Magdy Hamoda

Anisakis simplex     

Scientific Meeting




Prof. Dr. Ahmed Shokeir

How to write a scientific original article

Prof. Dr. Nabil Lemon

Management of a case of anaemia