To be an internationally recognized department with service emphases
In research, to perform scientific research at the highest international levels, integrating cutting-edge multidisciplinary approaches to solving significant problems in clinical microbiology and immunology.
In education, to develop internationally competitive professionals with excellent leadership, communication and teamwork skills who can contribute to an exceptional talent pool in Egypt and internationally.



     Our mission is to provide a high quality with new technology in education and learning experience for undergraduate and postgraduate students, also, in research, and laboratory service to be able to provide technical and educational expertise locally, nationally and internationally.
We support and retain the best possible academic, research, and technical staff. We promote the development of staff by creating the right environment and opportunities for staff to develop their full potential. This staff provides high quality academic programs in medical microbiology and immunology, and they provide graduates with a sound knowledge of the fundamental principles and practices of medical microbiology and immunology.

We build a rich collegial atmosphere that will equip our graduates with transferable skills and an awareness of research ethics. We provide outstanding teaching in the medical microbiology and immunology sciences in accredited programs and to conduct quality research of international repute.
Staff members of the Medical Microbiology and Immunology department maintain active and productive research programs with special emphasis on infectious disease including nosocomial infections, microbiology, cancer, and immunology.