Current Research Projects

Ongoing Research Support

German Arab Research Partnership (DAAD), GERMANY, 2013-2015
Title: Parkinson’s Susceptibility
Goal: Studying the interplay between genes and environment in the development of PD among Egyptian patients
Through recruiting Egyptian PD patients (both high risk and low risk exposure to pesticides) we were able to obtain samples from 500 patients so far who are exposed to different types of genetic study and epidemiologic studies. I applied my experience in neurodegenerative diseases research trying to answer this question.

IBRO/ISN/Mansoura University competitive projects, 2014-2015
Title: Peripheral biomarkers for brain injury (Mansoura/Duke Collaboration)
Goal: Validation of peripheral biomarkers for chemical induced brain injury.
As a neurotoxicologist, I applied my experience to isolate patients chronically exposed to pesticides and examine them clinically then through western blot technique we are trying to find easy and simple way to diagnose the impact of OPs on their brains.

Mansoura University competitive projects, EGYPT 2014-2016
Title: Assessment of impact of SSRI on osteogenic differentiation on Mesenchymal stem cells
Goal: Studying the impact of novel SSRI on osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells
Through this grant, we will try to find out the impact of new antidepressants on osteogenesis. Through my experience in stem cell research i will manage to answer this question.

Parkinson’s and movement disorders foundation (PMDF) research grant, USA, 2015-2016
Title: siRNA based silencing of Mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR): Implications for Tauopathy.
Goal: Studying the effect of blocking mTOR on tauopathy in LUHMES cell line.
Through my experience in invitro research, i will try to unravel the role of mTOR on neurodegeneration and suggest potential new therapeutic targets.

International Development Research Centre (IDRC), CANADA: 2015-2016
Title: Waterpipe and nicotine addiction in Arab world: A multicenter study
Goal: The goal of this study is to identify the liability of WP and nicotine addiction among Arab people with exploring ways for prevention.

Cultural Dialogue with Islamic World, DAAD, GERMANY: 2016-2018
Title: Genetic Factors for Inherited Neurodegenerative Diseases in Egyptian Regions. (GeneFINDER)
Goal: The goal of this study is to identify genes responsible for different neurodegenerative disorders in Egyptian population.

Mansoura University competitive projects, EGYPT 2015-2016
Title: siRNA blocking of mitochondiral complex I assembly factors: Implications for Tauopathy
Goal: studying the putative role of CI assembly factors in developing Tauopathy

JESOR Grant, Academy of scientific Research and Technology (ASRT), EGYPT: 2016-2017
Title: Developing new serum biomarkers for diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease (PD)
Goal: developing new biomarkers from sera of PD patients.

STDF: Basic and Applied Research Grant, EGYPT: 2016-2017
Title: siRNA induced blocking of mTOR in animal model of Tauopathy
Goal: studying the impact of silencing mTOR as a therapeutic approach for transgenic mice of tauopathy model.