1. First MERC annual conference " Stem cell & regenerative medicine 8th April 2010.(Mansoura faculty of medicine,main congress hall).
  2. Second MERC annual conference " nanotechnology & Stem cell transplantation in regenerative medicine- Kidney,liver and heart" 28 29th September 2010.( Mansoura faculty of medicine,main congress hall).
  3. Medical Experimental Research Center(MERC) annual conference Mansoura University Regenerative Medicine Program (MURMP) From Bench to Bedside.(Mansoura 27-28th November,2012 Satellite events" Alexandria 29th Nov-1st December,2012").
  4. First Egyptian-German Conference to study Kentic Diseases 21 april 2013.
  5. Experimental Pulmonolgy from Bench to Bedside 16 march 2013.
  6. IBRo/ARC) Neuroscience school held in mansoura university 20:24 October 2014.
  7. "The Golden Helix international Symposium Genomics of Neurodegenerative Disorders" from 14 till 16 January 2016.