SCORP are initials of “Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace”.
Though SCOHP is the youngest committee in MSSA; being active for only one year! We could construct the committee, putting its roots and extending our team.
Now we are one of the most active Local Committees nationally.

divide work on:-

  • Student to community
  • Doctor towards patient
  • low coast medical services
  • professors and students
  • fund raising to provide charity work
  • Co-operation with other NGOs to provide us with support and fund to achieve our goals
  • Improve medical ethics of the doctor toward the patient by improving his spirit & to form sort of better relation between patient & doctor
  • Clean environment
  • Children rights


     a) To decrease the gap between all community standards
    b) to improve relationship between people
    c) save the economical resources & redistribute them
    d) try to increase the productive activity of the country


some of the committee projects all over the past years:
Ramadan 2008
We started collecting donations for our charity work; then used them in orphans visit, iftar sa2em on the highway, Ramadan bags and pocket money in eleid.

Orphans visit "dar el3ez":
First we went to the orphanage to know their needs, then in the actual visit we went with all what they asked for; food supplies, toys, clothes. Also we took sweets, we spent great time there with 30 little angels, and smile was upon everybody's face.

Visits to the oncology center:
In this year we made 3 visits to the children department in Mansoura university oncology center – 20-30 kids each time- carrying lots of toys, balloons and candies. Sometimes clothes even pocket money, to help their families. We play with them and try to overcome the fear and loneliness they feel during their medication.


Patient rights:
Our target was to raise awareness about patient rights among medical students, through 3 stages; questionnaire to know their previous knowledge, seminar and workshop. In this project we reached 200 questionnaires and more than 100 attendants in the seminar and workshop.

Human rights day:
It was the 60 anniversary of the universal declaration of human rights, so we decided to celebrate in for the first time in our association; we started a campaign in the college campus, doing quizzes, games and many activities that enabled students to get more familiar with articles of the declaration. Many declared it was their first time to approach the declaration!


Orphans day "April 09"
We made great fund raising for that event as we had a big toys shop to donate a lot of toys then we first we went to "mebarat elshenawi" orphanage; we played with the kids there and got closer to them. Then we took group of them to the playground in a sport club, spent the whole day together; playing, eating, and learning some basic hygienic ways.