SCORA the Standing Committee on Reproductive Health including AIDS, mainly focuses on topics related to HIV/AIDS, prevention and sexuality in a broad view. The two main projects carried out in SCORA are activities around December 1st: World-AIDS-Day, and prevention programs for high-school-students. SCORA aims to raise awareness on a variety of reproductive health issues amongst the wide public, to spread the knowledge regarding HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections (STI's) and to decrease stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS.
To establish unified preventing HIV/AIDS youth policy. To train well educated, in matters of reproductive health, future doctors, that would not follow the common stigma of HIV/AIDS and that would be aware of the needs of the patients affected with STIs. To provide members of SCORA with complete knowledge about HIV/AIDS, virology, epidemiology, world's most prominent preventing actions, new scientific discoveries in fighting the epidemic. To raise tolerance among future doctors and their environment. To show to the students ethic aspects of relation doctor-patient. To inspire young people to find new ways of preventing HIV/AIDS and fighting prejudice. To encourage research on HIV/AIDS. To create a well integrated SCORA Team

Some of the committee projects all over the past years:
 Mr. & Mrs. Breastestis
Aim: The project aims to widen medical and public knowledge about cancers related to reproductive health including Breast Cancer and Cancer Cervix in females and Testicular Cancer and Cancer Prostate in males.

  • Pre campaign questionnaire was distributed among medical students in order to measure the knowledge and facts about both diseases in the medical society.
  • A whole campaign about both diseases was done in order to increase the awareness about both diseases and possible ways of early detection.
  • Workshops by specialized medical personnel including Dr. Tamer Fady were given about Breast Cancer with more than 25 members attending the session.
  • World AIDS Campaign
  • Increase public Awareness regarding HIV status & epidemiology in Egypt.
  •  Illustrating methods of infection & proper way of protection from HIV infection.
  • Removing the stigma against HIV/AIDS patients.


  • Campaign organized in faculty of engineering, targeting students and providing them with materials related to HIV.
  • A detailed data about the disease was uploaded on the official site of Mansoura University in order to reach as much as possible members.

Materials and data were provided through UNAIDS Egypt Office.

  • Female Genital Mutilation
    Aim: The project aims to widen the medical knowledge about risks of taking such behavior and the consequences related to it.
    Procedure: A highly organized representative seminar was held in attendance of Prof.Dr.Mohammed Farid OB. & GYN.CONSALTANT at Ain Shams University and Elsheikh Sayed Mahmoud Zayed Member of “LagnatElfatwaa” in the Ministry of Religious Endowments.
  • International Women Day
    Aim: spread the awareness among female students to know more about their rights and their duties too.
    Procedure :
      • Mansoura team had the responsibility to perform and act a movie about women and their right in education. 
      • We also made a training workshop about Stress and Time Management.
      • We conducted our campaign under the title “Know your rights, Live it right” in Sinballewen prep. Girls’ School
  • Peer Education Training
  • The peer education training on HIV\AIDS this year was the most outstanding.
  • We conducted 2 trainings; each lasted for 3 successive days around 9 hours a day.
  • We reached our goal and got 50 peer educators have the full knowledge about HIV\AIDS.
  • The Project was funded through our cooperation with UNICEF & UNAIDS.