About us:

MSSA is Non Profitable ,Non Religious ,Non Political Organization ,working by students for students ..Serving the Community ,Raising the principles of real Egyptian society !!
The only official page for Mansoura Students' Scientific Association

Mansoura Students’ Scientific Association
is students’ NGO, which is full member of IFMSA "International Federation of Medical Students' Association", through IFMSA – Egypt. MSSA was established 1974 by Dr.Youssif Rezk, we were Called EL -Mansoura Students Scientific Society (MSSS), but then restructured 1999 and named MSSA. ...MSSA is independent association represents students of Mansoura faculty of medicine, established under patronage of mansoura faculty of medicine dean.It pursues its aims without political, religious, social, racial, sexual or any other discrimination .

in MSSA we have 5 committees, each one deals with specific issues, the committees are
- SCORA; Standing Committee on Reproductive health including AIDS
- SCOME; Standing Committee on Medical Education
- SCORP; Standing Committee on Human Rights and Pease
- SCOPH; Standing Committee on Public Health
- SCOPE/SCORE; also referred to as ‘Exchange’ Standing Committee on Professional Exchange, and Standing Committee on Research Exchange .

MSSA goals

- to serve society and medical students thourhg :
- increase medical students skills and professional experience
- increase awareness of medical students about their role in the society
- increase awareness if medical students about their role in decision making inside the faculty
- empowering medical students in using their knowledge and capacities for the benefit of the society
- promoting and facilitating professional and scientific exchange as well as projects and extracurricular trainings for medical students thereby sensitizing them to other cultures and society with their health problems
- providing a link between members, medical student association and international organizations, encouraging the cooperation among them for ultimate benefit of the society


is a full member of the IFMSA since 1969. It is a non-governmental official branch of the IFMSA. IFMSA-Egypt consists of 15 local branches in the following medical faculties: Ainshams, Alexandria, Assuit, Azhar, Azhar Assuit, Banha, Banisuif, KasrEiny, Mansoura, Menoufya, MIU, Souhag, Suez Canal, Tanta and zagazig

International Federation of Medical Students' Associations -IFMSA
Was founded in 1951 in Copenhagen as a result of the post-war wave of friendship among international students and has evolved to represent more than 1,100,000 medical students from over 100 nations. The IFMSA is affiliated to the United Nations system as a non-political non-governmental organization, and is recognized by the World Health Organization as the official international forum for medical students (since 1969). Since 1951 ,
IFMSA serves as a forum for sharing ideas and expertise among student organizations pertaining to public health, medical education, reproductive health and human rights. IFMSA also serves as an action platform to formulate policies and co-ordinate activities by its member organizations .



MSSA mission is to offer future physicians better opportunities to develop medical, non medical skills, student attidtude and performance towards community and public health issues.
Facts about MSSA:
All MSSA related affairs are guided & recognized by the Official Constitution & Bylaws stated by MSSA EB “executive board” & Adopted in MSSA GA “General Assembly”.
Any change in bylaws or constitution is proposed through EB member and presented in GA to be discussed and either get adopted or rejected.
MSSA GAs are held every 2 months discussing the Financial report & committees’ reports with any further recommendation or tasks form Local Officers.
During the past 4 years, MSSA has successfully been presented in IFMSA – Egypt Board through NOME, NPO & NEO.